How I became a Homesteader.


From managing farms and horse properties as a teenager to living in an RV on our rented 10 acres through cold Colorado winters, my trials and errors of navigating this lifestyle are plentiful. There is no doubt the homesteading way of life, is not for the faint of heart, but the rewards are incomparable and ever fruitful. 

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Work on a farm never ends! Always something new to gain knowledge in. Keep tabs on our latest ventures!

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My animal husbandry journey started with my work as an equestrian. That word alone, "equestrian," may imply some privileged background of someone parading around in full polished tack, riding upon some ridiculously priced show horse imported from Germany. Ah...if only that had been my life. No, my story consists of four o'clock wake up calls to twenty five horse stalls, depending solely on me to muck out and care for the horses they belonged to. From managing small and large show barns, training large horses and small ponies, to straight up pleading with barn managers to let me clean up their horses crap in exchange for something priceless... to know how horses think and experience working with them from the ground up.         

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