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Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
— Henry Ford



I have to start off with the fact that my parents had groomed me well to marry someone with a good money making career. Sent me off to the right schools, introduced me to the right people...but I am a head strong girl, and this isn't a Jane Austin novel. 


Now I was completely on board with going to school, getting a good degree to support myself and meeting someone along the way who could pay for my 100 acre hobby farm and the several gardens, barns, and horses that go with it while I stayed home and fulfilled my dreams of being a stay at home mama. Thoughts of someone very young is what that is. Lucky for me, I married for stinkin' sweet, start from the ground up, nothing to our names- love. 

I met Leif at a college dance he wasn't even supposed to be at. As in he didn't attend the same university as me, or even any school at the time. Sure, he had taken a few classes at my college, mostly for fun, but that was years ago. That night, he was there to pick up his....well, rather weird roommate. We'll get back to the weirdo later. I was leaning against the old brick wall of the hallway, just outside of the gymnasium where the dance being held. I had stepped out to take a break from shakin' my groove thang, with the girlfriends I had came with. Sweat was starting to form around my hairline, and I needed some space to reconnect with my rather introverted self. I had just moved back to the Midwest from Pennsylvania, where I had spent most of my adolescence. Despite being able to reconnect with some childhood friends in my new college town, I was feeling pretty lonesome and completely clueless about my future (like any nineteen-year old in school-duh).


While reminiscing about my previous life out East, I had that feeling of eyes on me. You know ladies- that feeling you get when a guy is checking you out at the grocery store, and you just want to whip around and say "excuse me, I can feel your eyes on my butt." However the one these stunning light blue eyes belonged to was not your usual creep. This guy looked almost bashful, and completely sweet. I smiled at this red headed stranger (no Willy Nelson pun intended) as he approached me. Even though I cannot remember the exact words exchanged, I certainly remember feeling "at home" around him, and oh so comfortable and relaxed in his presence. That was a person I desperately needed in my life at the time. Safe to assume I had no idea how precious those feelings are to have in a life partner, and I certainly was not thinking about that with this Leif guy. Friends is what I had in mind. After all, I had just started casually dating this other guy, who I would later find out was my, now husband's, old buddy in high school- crazy right?? Anyways, he got my phone number and we parted ways, didn't hear from him for awhile...and this is where the weirdo roommate comes into play.


I get a strange, stalker like text late one night and am frantically trying to find out the source of this weirdo. I remember giving my number to that red headed guy with the nature name... Leif! I call him and it turns out the weirdo roommate went into Leif's phone, copied my number, and was texting me totally creepy things. Scary, I know, but it led to Leif and I talking on the phone for two hours about everything under the sun and totally vibing, which then ended with us making plans for our first date. So....thank you creepy, weirdo roommate? 

On that first date, we were surprised to discover we seemed to want all the same things. Maybe most importantly, we both wanted a farm like setting of a life. Orchards, gardens, animals, plenty of land for four-five kiddos to roam around on (yep, talked kids that first date too- only go that deep for someone serious folks). Later we would say God had to have brought me out West just for Leif and I to meet, get married and start our ever ambitious life together. 


Fast forward two years of dating, four years of marriage and one baby later... we are building our lives just at we had talked about on that first date, walking around in the mountains, dreaming of acres of freedom. We are currently renting ten beautiful acres, nestled in between Denver and Boulder Colorado. As we fine tune our homesteading skills in all areas and save our nickles and dimes for our own dream property, we sure do have to say how grateful we are for all the opportunities we have had, that lead us to this moment in time. 



Both my husband and I have grown up around the homesteading lifestyle. Leif grew up on a small family farm surrounded by goats, cows, chickens, and gardens that provided their family with food. Hard work was something instilled in him, and all his siblings from a young age. From building barns, to fixing cars, his handyman skills have been essential to our success as homesteaders. 



As for myself, my interest in this way of living, sprouted from living at my grandparent's small farm in Northern California as a young child. I can remember walking out to the large, glass greenhouse with my Grandma Betty, to tend to the plants they sold to local stores in town. We also raised kiwi plants, honeybees and had several animals, including peafowl around! Later on, I would seek out opportunities to get back to my roots by helping out at my uncle's large farm in rural Idaho during the summers, and even cleaning out horse stalls at upscale show barns near me in Pennsylvania in exchange for experience. Learn more about how I became the homesteader I am today here.