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Both my husband and I have grown up around the homesteading lifestyle. Leif grew up on a small family farm surrounded by goats, cows, chickens, and gardens that provided their family with food. Hard work was something instilled in him from a young age. From building barns, to fixing cars, his handyman skills have been essential to our success as homesteaders. 



As for myself, my interest in this way of living, sprouted from living at my grandparent's small farm in Northern California as a young child. I can remember walking out to the large, glass greenhouse with my Grandma Betty, to tend to the plants they sold to local stores in town. We also raised kiwi plants, honeybees and had several animals, including peacocks around! Later on, I would seek out opportunities to get back to my roots by helping out at my uncle's large farm in rural Idaho, and cleaning out horse stalls at upscale show barns near me in Pennsylvania, in exchange for experience. Learn more about how I became the homesteader I am today here.